Thank Heavens!

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On a beautiful, sparkling, spring evening a few weeks ago, we took a little country drive heading south from Great Falls.  And “sweet” little Miss Georgia got to come along for some ‘car-riding’ etiquette lessons…   A task… not for the weak-minded or faint hearted!  

 After a few miles, way back in the countryside, we let her get out and take a look around for a little break…  and for me to take some pictures of the wide-open, grassy-green pastures set against a late sun and the fading silhouettes of prairie bluffs and mountains…  sooo beautiful!

Georgia?  She headed straight for the cows.  We weren’t surprised … but we were a tad bit more surprised when she didn’t come right back to us when we called…and instead… headed in the opposite direction across the pastures. Cows… Border Collie.  Why were we surprised?

 We had to turn the car around anyway, to head back in the right direction, and so we left! With my heart in my throat,  we hopped in the car.  As we headed back,  there she was! Bounding down the ditch on the side of the road.  We stopped, and she headed straight for us, and came right up to Brian when he called her… Little stinker!  

Thank Heavens!
“the heavens… DECLARE the Glory of the Lord!”  Thanks Father God, for showing us your glory and majesty.  Amen.

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  1. Sounds like she had the time of her life! Our Cocker Spaniel has that hunting instinct inbred, and if left to herself, she'd be miles and miles away, nose to the ground, sniffing out whatever she could find. When we're in the mountains we have to keep her leashed because she has run away before and doesn't come home. Love the photos!

  2. Miss Georgia is such a Cow Girl, her instincts are embedded, but what a recovery! Her obedience and training paid off. Little Stinker! Little Stinker is what I called my Greyhound who's name was Snazzy. I love it, nice pics Les, so nice the beautiful country! Thank You.

  3. The pictures are beautiful. Sounds like Georgia has some very good instincts. But maybe taking her to see the cows might be too tempting for her.

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