the chronicles of georgia ~

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hi friends ~

i don’t imagine that many of you will be surprised at the following scenes of georgia and nicki the cat.  now… nick has been with me for over 17 years now.  she’s pretty easy-going ~ and has adjusted pretty well to new ‘puppies’ and all their rambunctiousness! {i just made that a word!}  but getting ‘up close friendly and personal’ is not her deal!   but it was sooo funny… and luckily {for my entertainment} i had the camera handy and snapped the funny faces…

{not so much…}

i’d say georgia is fairly disappointed… and even disgusted! well!  why am i surprised? 

this dog!  she has soooo much personality ~ a dog that is sweet tempered and larger than life!  take a look at how she is on top of the couch… with one leg touching the bottom cushions.  she is one, long-legged, border collie-girl.  and she just loves the kitties… but as you likely have guessed.. it is an unrequited love!!!  lol.

and… a chance to play with a new phone app {love it} from a beautiful mess. you can {of course} download it from the itunes store… it’s 99 cents {naturally you can purchase more little embellishments shall we say?!}


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