The “Duck {or goose} Stops Here!” ~

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Duck Stop … or “The duck stops here!” {I like that one the best, hence the title}.  Just a few short weeks ago, the Missouri was a grand “rest stop” for the Ducks heading south.  The entire river in this area was ‘duck full!’  {let’s just say there are lot of puns ~ we won’t go there…}

Of course, I did not have my ‘good’ Canon camera, but I took a little walk, and used my iphone camera.  Not bad!

It’s a beautiful {late} fall day…

I never tire of the river, and all the spectacular scenery we get to take in, in this land we call “Big Sky Country.”

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  1. Okay Leslie – they ARE geese! ; ) So I guess the joke is on you! What's the game? "duck duck GOOSE!" : )

    ~Monika in Saskatchewan

  2. AH so that's where all my geese went. wait – Canada Geese right? not ducks… Am I wrong? Those look like our geese.

    : )

  3. Ah, maybe next year our little duck will say goodbye to his farmyard mama and join his wild dad for the big duck drive thru in Big Sky country! 🙂

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