the early darlings of a late spring ~ crocus blooms

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morning sweets ~

these blooms.  sooo sweet.  i swear i could {almost} live on them… 

what a spectacular display the crocus were in their joyful arrival this {late} spring!  but you know… the early risers, don’t hang out very long… and so i heeded their sweet  sweet invitation ~

courtesy of our fabulous gibson park garden here in great falls.  a delight and feast for the hungry spring soul ~

spring greens.  there’s nothing quite like them. 

and that deep, vibrant violet-purple… the combo’s could make one … swoon!

and dainty, tiny hyacynths ~

and a little later… more changes.  
oh that precious periwinkle …

and the white in it’s soft soothing glow:

 i’d never seen these blue “iris-like” blooms either. but they were fascinating…

 a cross between an iris, crocus, and a pansy, perhaps?!

and more sweet blues and bright yellows ~

and tiny blues… not sure what they are.

and a mr. squirrelley, too!  safely up high ensuring i wasn’t competition for his breakfast of nuts!

what a delight.
{time to go to work now}

soli deo gloria!

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  1. You have a knack with that camera now, and wow what intense flowers God has provided, and purple and lavender are my favorites too. When does the lavender start? We don't have such beautiful flowers here in Florida, not like in Montana. I also love Hollyhocks! Good Job Leslie!

  2. Spring is so charming in your tiny blooms. We have violets about to pop here too and we have white ones, which I love. xox

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