the fourth of july ~ rachel’s big day

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it was the best fourth of july ~ ever! 

begun with the rehearsal at the swan ranch.  perfect setting.  spectacular weather conditions.  beautiful … and really such a special time together with friends and family. 

the treasure of life on earth, and more.  

big sky weddings are some of the best!

and back at the ranch… the swan ranch lawn… big!

perfect for weddings n’ such!

weston and his mom… she and her husband raised a fine, Godly, lovely young man
she’s walkin’ on sunshine with her son at her side {brother to the bride}
isn’t this a classic snapshot?  this is the little boy who was the ring bearer… and even a ride in his favorite wagon is not gonna do the trick.   he wants his mom.  now!

the beaming bride-to-be and her dad… both having fun!

the  boys of the wedding party…

“let’s do this!”

thank you Lord!

the flower girl flyin’ high with her daddy, too…


rachel with one of her favorite aunts!

 and guess who’s happy now that he’s found his mom!?  

life is so good!
one of our favorites of the evening, these two girls with their sweet gramma!

pretty girls… rockin’ the sundresses and sunglasses!

sweet friends from childhood… friends to the end.

and the next of the swan family line… 
coming soon to a ranch near you… {august 25}  

thank you Almighty God and Father for this precious time together.  may you guide us, keep us, and make us all one with you.  thank you.  thank you.  thank you.  amen.


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  1. Such a beautiful landscape and much more amazing family and friends. You make really good pictures!
    Greetings, Rike

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