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hi there sweet readers ~ 

i know it’s been a tough week for me, and coping with super-cold weather and -30’s in so much of our area has certainly made it more of a challenge…  brrrrrr!  here’s to hoping the rest of our december will be a tad bit milder!

i had a really good time finishing up these snowflake blossoms, and i’m in the mood for more of them {the quilted kind, that is}.  i think they are charming with just a candle, but would be fun with a bowl of candy or a floral centerpiece, too:

so here are the winners… but before we get to that announcement, i just have to say: oh MY goodness!! have i told you lately how much i love you all?  and really really do appreciate all of your fun comments, your kindnesses… your encouragement, your time?!  

well i DO! and thank you so much!  it is fun to give things away, and of course, that’s where the joy is. it’s a gift! so thank you again… 

and a big thank you to a wonderful thread company that has made this give-away so much more fun for me.  superior, you do a fabulous job, and you are the nicest people!!!  THANKS from all of us who know and use the wonderful quality products you make! 

so i used a couple different bindings, and finished quilting in just the outer borders to finish off these round little darlings:

as you can see, i finished a couple snowblossoms, and i am super pleased with how they turned out.  practical and pretty,  charming and glittery~quilted fun {just like you all!}  and the best part is that they will serve anyone’s decor well after the christmas holiday is over.

the winner of the $25 gift certificate?  yvonne! 

and winners of the snowblossoms ~ there are two.  they are:
flamingo quilter and sandra wamble!  please contact me with your mailing information, so i can get these blossoms in the mail to you, soon!


thanks again everyone, for taking time to read the blog and participate in december’s giveaway!

blessings, and merry christmas!

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  1. Thank you Connie and Queen of Pearls, I am blessed to recieve and Leslie is such a blessing, and I can't wait …no I shall celebrate her in my home. Blissful Blessings,

  2. Leslie, I hope your weather has warmed up even to above zero!
    I adore your snowflake blossoms! Not having tried to bind anything round, I admire the quality of your art work beyond what words can describe.
    Congratulations to Flamingo Quilter and Susan Wamble!!! Woo hoo you lucky quilters!!!!
    Sending all warm vibes and huge Blessings. 🙂
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  3. Thank you Leslie, I am very excited that I won one of your beautiful pieces of artwork. I opened up my your post late last night and started screaming with joy! And purple is my favorite color! They look so beautiful and I will call it my Leslie Prayer Blossom!
    Blissful Blessings!
    PO Box 7024
    Naples, FL

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