The Montana Mustang Ranch ~

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hello and happy day to you ~

so.  it’s pretty odd-looking  ~ at least to my way of thinking… recently, my husband and i took an evening drive along the missouri river, just outside of great falls.  this is what we found:

first, there’s an interesting sign, with an airplane, no less, which tells you it’s the “montana mustang ranch.” 

ok. i can kinda wrap my mind about that creativeness… but just down the drive… oh heck ~ let’s pump it up a notch~!  it’s just a little ol’ castle!  

say what?   i

asked brian to pull over, so i could get out and take it in. maybe in the movies… but not for real, ya know?  well, it is real, and it was a custom built home by a local builder for a great falls resident.

prairies… big sky.. missouri river.  steel gateway. yup.  it’s a castle home!  {no need for a moat when you have a river running right beside}

a modern-day “montana-ranch-style” castle!  just try saying or typing those words in one sentence ~ as a montana native, it’s a bit of an oxymoron!

but i am impressed that these people built what i hope is their dream house castle! wouldn’t you just love to see it inside? i sure would, but probably won’t happen. very striking.  what impressed brian was the “garage” or shop… to the left.  uhm yeah.  me too.  can you say: “quilting-art studio!!” 

much amused and amazed…

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