the stenciled, feathered, {brown eyed queen?} finished ~

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hi there ~

i don’t know why, but i just couldn’t make a decision on binding for this piece.  i guess because it was difficult to choose a color, and fabric style for this binding, but i finally said, “just do it!  and so i chose a multi-colored binding, one of the first fabrics i grabbed. 

this little quilt sample has risen up from the depths of the ufo pile, which kind of came to a  halt last fall.  it’s a beautiful fabric dyed by talented hands of  vicki welsh.

a while ago, i wrote a post about trying out some beautiful stencil designs, created by feather diva, ms. patsy thompson, from patsy thompson designs, {click here}.

i like it!  i think i chose this binding color, as it encompassed all the thread colors, and brought out a little bit of the pink tones in the hand dyed fabric.  

and better… 
it. is. done! 
{and even listed in the etsy shop

have a sweet one ~

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  1. Dear Leslie,
    you made a good choice for the binding. My first thought, before reading, was,that it fits very well to the threads. 😉
    greetings, Rike

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