the timeout room ~ spring 2014

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hello ~ spring!

spring? really?  i think so…  i think!  at least there are buds on the tree branches!  

it’s coming.  it’s coming!  of that i am sure… with mud… and mud puppies! 

me?  i’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging lately, and slowing down to take in… 

we have a spare room at work, which functions as an extra ‘guest office’ when travelling staff from other offices visit, and it is also a storage room. it has no windows, just a hard tiled floor, storage cabinets, bare walls, and a desk with the bare amenities. so… we call it the “timeout room!”  

a bit of a timeout… {kind of like me} kind of like our spring! but see that green grass…?  well, it’s pushing it’s way through, reaching for the light, and that’s kind of how i feel.  it’s been darker, gloomier, and colder than i prefer… but the green continues to push…

and push. 

and push ~ its way upward…

and so am i!  

taking some time out.  inside and out.

psalm 23 tells me He leads me to lie down in green pastures… and still waters. spiritually. mentally.  physically. 

would that also mean ‘out to pasture?’ hmmm.  i don’t think so.  at least … not yet!

but i am {and have been} taking a ‘timeout’  of sorts. to think. contemplate. read. gather up, look inside… think about some goals.

i have been creating.  it’s sanctuary for me, whether taking photos, writing, drawing, watercolors, sewing and quilting… 

a time for every season.   

and a timeout so i can… pray more.  nearly. clearly. and dearly.

listen.  And give thanks. in all things. 

i also turned 56 this april. and i am excited about that.  it also means in a mere twenty eight months i will retire!  at least from my current career.  i have serious thought to give this… and i truly look forward to it.  after thirty years working in the federal court system, i have other ~ more artistic goals, dreams, plans, and hopes to pursue.  to go running after. to begin new plans.  a bed and breakfast out in the country? perhaps?  summer art shows?  volunteer?  illustrate?  become a professional photographer?  and… pick and choose my work hours… perhaps learn about what it takes to give and teach online classes?  teach more in person even! [love that!} and…  to dive into a body of work i truly am excited about. 

to learn anew. {and to learn ~  h o w ! …} 

but for now.  but for God.

i will bloom.  

even in the timeout room!

blessings to you all,

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  1. The first picture of the blossom hanging down is fantastic. Retirement, how exciting, a whole new direction with so many possibilities. I retired early from a government job because my soul was dying with my passion so long delayed. Now I'm having so much fun with fabrics. Glad you aren't in a funk but only musing.

  2. Your heart will tell you what is next. Tulips are so pretty and the photos make me think spring if it ever gets here for good.

  3. It has been a long, long winter. The snow has really gone down in the last day or so. Lots of heat in the SON! Lo the winter is past and…
    not necessarily time out but time in a good place that is a positive happening. enjoy!!!

  4. Sounds like good internal time to really see where spirit will take you…love your photos of the tulips and muddy dogs….gotta have muddy dogs somewhere. Here too…xox

  5. Sometimes we definitely need to step back and take some time to think about where we are and where we want to be, or to end up. I find life gets so busy sometimes I forget to stop and really think about what I'm doing and whether it's really what I WANT to be doing. I'm glad you are spending some quality time in the Timeout Room 🙂 Whatever you create afterward will be much better for it! Enjoy your time and come back to us refreshed!!!!

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