Thermofax Play Day!

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I made quite a few of these prints last weekend, when I received my order of Thermofax Screens, purchased from Margaret Applin’s shop: Free 2 Design on Etsy.

This is the screen (below) I used to make the print above:

The black area is where the paint comes through.  And I deliberately didn’t make the paint solid throughout the whole print, so it skipped, and I liked that result ~ ALOT! Sure had a great time playing with paint, and spreading it unevenly!  Yes… unevenly and rather ‘worn’ like, which the screen also produces… which I Love, Love, LOVE!

And the picture below (and above) is from a print I first made, experimenting with my Gelli printing plate, and Decolourant, with a stamp. The picture shows the additional paint, used as an overlay using the screen.  I love how the texture of the ‘white out’ (for lack of a better term right at the moment), plays against the screen print.

And who doesn’t love tulips?  I can imagine some quilting on this print, with white thread.  Perhaps a trapunto of ‘shadow tulips’ in the background?  How Exciting to think about the possibilities!!

This is the screen… I could print ‘a whole bunch’ of this design!  My lines at the top got a little wobbly when the screen moved on me, but this is a matter of practice.  I used a black, foam brush for my screening, but I would also like to try a credit card or something more firm to press the paint through the screen.

And this is where the progress on this piece stands for the moment, auditioning some of the other prints for it…

I LOVE this scrolly-swirls screen. I layered a bunch of them in rows, too, on a fat quarter-sized piece of fabric.

Which turned out like this:

One of my favorite doodles, to draw, and to free motion quilt are swirls.  And now, I have a cool graphic print which I can use as a background, border, or cut up into pieced blocks, bindings, and fused pieces of specific shapes, over-layering… and more!

Thanks for checking out my FUN.

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  1. Ilove this and went out and looked at the screens,of course all I need is one more craft to do. LOL, you do such a wonderful job with all of the things you do. Talent must be oozing out your pores, wish I had some. I love looking at all you do and wonder where does she find the time?? Blessing to you.

  2. OK Leslie, I can't take it anymore, you must open up a studio here in Naples Florida! You are simply amazing! Bravo my dear! I love love love it all!

  3. That must have been so much fun. I love her designs, and the last one with the scrolls if really lovely. I like your design too. It will be interesting to see what you do with them.
    I use a credit card and find it seems to work the best.

  4. Wow, what a fun play day! Love your screen prints. One of these days I HAVE to break out my gelli plate. I wanna have a play day too!!!

  5. You are my saving grace tonight! I love what you are doing with the screen designs!!! I hope to have the studio set up by Sunday! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

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