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Sad to say… summer is ending as fast as it usually does.  I think … maybe… my sunflowers are going to bloom before the summer ends!  YAY! 

And as summer ends, clearance prices appear on all things deemed “summery.”  I spied these “tie dye” kits on my lunch hour last week.   I was able to buy two kits at clearance price $10 a piece, and using my Michaels coupon, got another 20% off the total of my purchase.  Gotta love a deal like that!  A cheap way to play, and I didn’t have to order anything extra.  Kit comes with gloves, rubber bands… dyes, soda ash, CD of ideas, directions… and even included written cartoon-style directions!  Who can’t appreciate that??!

I have read alot about dyeing with procion dyes, from Jacquard.  But at a loss as to what to order, cost… (cuz I want all the colors) … how laborious the process can be… having the space… tubs to rinse…etc etc!  If you want to buy really great hand-dyed fabric… look my blogger friend, Vicki’s site.  She posted all about color fastness… and all the work involved.  She has an Etsy store where you can buy her awesome fabrics.

 Anyway!  Back to the dyeing! I figure I can’t go wrong with an $8 purchase just to experiment, and see what happens!  It’s another “great adventure” and I have to say… I love the magic of color and dyeing fabrics!

Yes, even though I know this straight out of the 70’s… (that’s when I graduated!)… it’s still exciting.  I had alot of fun playing with the folds.  The kits also come with a DVD that is pretty well done… a child could do it… and what do you know.. that’s exactly who they are catering to with these kits!  But I dutifully listened and watched…

 I don’t know what I will do with them… except … well,  cut them up… fuse them… 

 Now where do I go to find a 100% cotton t-shirt in a lady style n  size … so I can dye a spiral on it and wear it??!  
You’re never too old for 

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  1. your flashback-to-the-'70's fabrics turned out fabulous (i graduated back then, too!)!! you'll find lots of fun, creative things to do with them! xo

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