Tissue Paper Heart Collages

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These pieces were created as a result of an online class from Christy Tomlinson. It was called  “Creative Color”   and the last part  of this class detailed a sweet technique for tissue paper, collaged hearts. It’s quite simple.  You randomly cut squares from tissue paper; not exact squares either ~ {love that} ~ scrunching n’ twisting them, and attach them to a cardboard-type base with either mod podge, or hot glue. 

I also added a small randomly cut fabric piece of pink organza (on the right in pic above).  I adore the sheer translucence of it, and delicate fiber texture of the fabric itself.  It ‘mod podges’ beautifully!  {is that like dancing the two-step?!}

The green heart below is actually a paper towel I saved, after cleaning up some lime green~turquoise paint on another project.  It’s so fun to add this in; I loved the  added dimension of the multiple colors, with the extra texture of the ‘bumpiness’ of the paper towel.

The purple tissue heart is created from a decorative, gift-giving tissue I had in my wrapping paper closet that had purple pansy-like flowers printed on it.

And of course, using my ‘old’ scrapbook supplies from over ten years ago, like my chipboard words…

I added a tiny bit of glitter …

… and in cleaning/reorganizing scrapbooking supplies ~ lookie here ~ a jute canvas coffee bag I had saved… who knew?!  So I cut it up and slapped it on with some mod podge, and white paint… for ‘what the hey’ ~ let’s just go for it! 

Learning when to stop ~ hmmm ~ {workin’ on that!}

But it was FUN fun fun!  

I have learned how MUCH I enjoy ‘seeing up close’ — so much so, that I have come to realize that seeing those details, and being able to focus on them is a great pleasure to me, visually. 

And I’ve kinda had to ‘wing it’ in taking close-up pics, too!  I can’t ‘quite see’ it the way I used to…

Listed in my Etsy shop~

By the way, I basically started with three inspiration colors:  lavender, pink, sage green.  Colors I’m not particularly fond of personally, {like purples} although I think they’re beautiful colors.  Just not ones I usually gravitate to, {except the lime green} lol. That was also part of the class, picking colors outside one’s comfort zone.  

Speaking of life back in the zone, I need to edit pics of the lake, catch up on friendships and emails… {wait for my new reading glasses~yay}… show you some fabulous  fabric I received in the mail {happy mail} from Chris Daly, and more ~ get back…. to life “In The Zone!”

Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. That is quite a trio!!! They came out fantastic!!! Did you also take Junelle's workshop. She has such an adorable style!

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