to tiger butte, montana ~

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“oh build me a home… where the buffalo roam, and the skies are not cloudy all day!”

well, there’s no buffalo here… and the skies are full of clouds. 
but it was one afternoon full of all kinds of montana landscape drama.

big and bold blue sky, with ‘as-far-as-the-eyes-can-see’ amazing clouds in a build-up of stormy and dramatic skyscapes.

such a treasure: wide open prairie vistas, wilflowers, old combine parts, and moody mountains, with lots of spring green on our country roads to the area known as “tiger butte.”  
and our afternoon adventure began here…with the wild sunflowers and old machinery  {so enjoyable}. 

the high prairies looking east to belt butte, and the highwood mountains to the northeast

i always love an opportunity to photograph
 one of my favorite sunflower-wildflowers 
against a big blue sky.
{blue and gold were my highschool colors}

looking to the opposite direction ~ to the west for that storm that was a brewin’
and be aware… it sure clouds up fast …
 yes… the infamous saying for most anywhere out west: 
“wait five minutes and the weather will change” …
 {would like to have had a dollar every time i heard 
that growing up in montana!}

 look at those gorgeous pastures, and beckoning country roads, those massive logs framing a ranch gate…

“country looks good!”

and we enjoyed the “pre-game” show of the stormy drama that ended up in a real-life gully washer, as the storm finally unleashed it’s torrents of rain. 

love this cool old mcafferty ranch barn, with tiger butte in the background

 this scene.  pastoral.  magnificent.  grand.  classic western scene don’t you think?  could be right out of a movie…

 and a sweet pet on the nose to a gorgeous horse. isn’t he amazing, set against that sky and pasture?  he’s got a wonderful classic quarter horse profile and conformation. 

it was a sweet finish to a day in the big sky country. what a treat! 

soli deo gloria!

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  1. Good Shots Leslie! You have so many gifts to share! You are surrounded with God's most beautiful land, wow how I miss the mountains in Montana!
    Thanks you for the mini vacation!

  2. Look at that sky, doesn't get much bigger than that does it. That's how I felt in New Mexico….big, big skies. xox

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! You are so blessed to live in such beautiful country 🙂 It's no surprise that you find constant inspiration from your surroundings 🙂

  4. What wonderful pictures! I felt like I just took a trip and didn't leave my 'farm'!!! I've been lax in blog reading…between traveling and more traveling and getting home I've been up to my eyes!!! Hope to be back at it!!!

  5. hi Leslie! i have been missing visiting here! your pictures are just beautiful…i want to be there so bad lol one day for sure! thanks for sharing this..(love the sweet towels below) hugs, jane

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