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hey there ~ now is the time to prep for fall sewing and quilting classes!  i was highly motivated myself to do just that, because of a nice little presentation given for students {and teachers} at the open house at the sewing palace bernina, where i am excited to also be teaching this fall!

and in “other big news” {lol} i found a ‘must-have’ iron cleaner product, the “iron shine cleaning pen” by clover products.  it works people ~ it really does!  perfect cleaner when you’re working with a fusible {alot} like me!

to begin cleaning, the iron must be completely cold.  the first thing i really appreciate the most is the non-odor that i have experienced with other iron cleaning products.  also, this one has a felt tip, that helps you “scrub” wherever you need to.  and it’s a simple “wipe-off” the excess, and you’re good to go.  or make that “sew!”

i admit… sometimes i’m a gadget freak.  and i was very intrigued by these unique rubberized type of notions… these are called “peels” and i have to say… they work well, too.  they are for wrapping thread spools, and flexible for use on any size spool:

and the sister product, the bobbin clamps!  now this is a great little invention, in my opinion.  they actually fit any size bobbin!

and so i tried this product, using the three sizes of bobbins i currently use; one of them for my bernina 830 and the jumbo bobbin it uses;  the more common 5.5 mm size bobbin, and then the bobbin for my new baby, the Q20 mid-arm by bernina:

easy on the fingers, and of course it helps that they are not only cute, but brightly colored.  and for organizing, the package actually comes with this chain, too.  you can actually pre-wind threads; join all your bobbins you’re taking to class, toss them into your class case, and you’re off and ready to go!

here’s my little pictorial of how the ‘peels’ look on my freckled finger ~ just for a giggle or two?  well… maybe not!

and this is how the peels look on a couple different spools of thread:

they look like little snails {or slugs} but let’s not think about that!  just look at the cool color!  

and i like using them more than the ‘glueless wonder tape’ i had been using.  although it’s been a great product, because of it’s clear nature, it does have a tendency of ‘disappearing’ into the wilds of my studio when i unwrap the thread!

and finally, here is a shot of my new class case i’m keepingl all of these essential supplies in, and at the ready!  of course it includes a color wheel, needles, pins, clips, a frixion pen, glue stick, quilting gloves, rotary cutter, chapstick, and a few small rulers.

 and at the last, as a teacher, i threw in my ‘little blue’ bag of bobbin cases and extra bobbins for teaching my new classes this fall; one of them “bobbin play”  i’m teaching at the sewing palace in helena on November 6th, 10 am to 4pm!

snap ’em up, and snap it shut!  it’s a great little case for keeping organized and one i will turn to many times i know!

blessings upon your day,

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