Trail of the Cedars ~ Glacier Park

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Hi Hi Hi!  I’m back from “the Lake” and it was simply glorious! I’m so grateful to be back home, but it was a special time of relaxation, laughter, good food and wonderful scenery! I can’t wait to show you some spectacular moments I captured with my camera… unfortunately I ended up having no ability to load up some posts I had made, due to bad internet service… so here’s one I truly hope you will ENJOY!

When we were visiting Glacier Park several weeks ago, Brian and I went on a little ‘nature trail’ ~ a small hike of about three-quarters of a mile long, next to Avalanche creek, which flows into McDonald creek. There is a lovely campsite there, right off the main road, as you head up to the “Going To The Sun” Highway, which leads to Logan Pass, the highest point (roadwise) in Glacier Park.

We read the signs, took our time, and of course, I snapped a few pics …

Loved this tree root… the patterns and tangles.

old stumps… mossy places.  It really was peaceful.

Bright green fronds with the contrast of the black seeds they will soon spread.

The sign below: “Strength in bark and branch witnesses to centuries.  Giant, steadfast, cedars.”

Lots of sketchbook ideas…

“… something for everyone…”

floating leaves …

rays of sun highlighting our path…

I was caught by surprise at these unexpected colors on this leaf… have no clue what it may be, perhaps a mold of some kind?

When sin is blocked out through the Living Water, 
we … Thrive.  Amen.  
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  1. Beautiful pictures – I love Glacier National Park. Visited there only once about 15 years ago…but it's not a place one ever forgets.

  2. Oh I am in love. Just so much beauty. The tree roots are amazing. You captured all the beauty there wonderfully, Leslie. Loved seeing all your photos!! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. Tracy~thank you! I love taking pictures!!!! Have since I was a young girl. I shoot (so far!) with a Canon t3i which I love. It's my first DSLR and it's amazing, although the Nikon series in this same range is also very good. I hope you get one and enjoy your budding photography – it's so FUN! There's so much to learn, but also alot of excitement in imagery these days… I hope to learn MUCH much MORE.

  4. Oh how I wish I had them painted in watercolors… soon, Anna, soon!! I can't wait to try it… the light was so incredible, and it was a special afternoon. These are all from just the pictures I took, which I hope will be watercolors personified in my journal — which I will post to the blog someday! Thanks so much Ann!!! Appreciate you stopping by!

  5. Thanks so much Elle – but you know the REAL giver of the best light… and He sure gave us a wonderful walk that afternoon.

  6. Yes Holly! I think of you quite often when I am taking those pics! The stump was a favorite — I thought you might like it!

  7. Oh Melanie – I can understand your missing the "Great Northwest" and it's special grandness… we are lucky to be able to enjoy Glacier so nearby, and I admit… it's spoiled me. Thanks so much for stopping by, and there will be more pics of it as we hope to go back in the fall!

  8. Sarah – thank you! You would love Glacier – but each park is so special. This just happens to be the one "I grew up with" so it's even moreso. It's a privilege to enJOY it!

  9. Hi Val!! YES! I loved the owl image, too! So I couldn't resist adding it, even tho it's not a great 'picture' as such. I was very taken with all the signs, actually! Thanks for letting me know you liked it – that's terrific and let me know… what you come up with??!! XO

  10. Hi Lesley – wow, such lovely photos. I am hoping for a decent camera for Christmas and am hoping to be a budding photographer, lol. God bless

  11. What great pictures. I love the signs along the way. I think I will have to do something with that great owl image. I enjoyed seeing the giant redwoods when I visited San Francisco.

  12. Breathtaking. Are those watercolors you have painted already? I love the light you have captured. Visiting from studio JRU.

  13. Lovely pictures! I can almost feel and smell the trees and the forest, my favorite thing! I also love old worn stumps and that one I so beautiful. Of course it's best left in nature but wouldn't it make a lovely fence section?

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