tropical hibiscus ~ vicki welsh

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hi there folks ~ 

yes… i’m afraid i may be a tad addicted to these fabrics!  sad, but true!  actually – not sad at all.  i love it!!!  this piece is the last of the curved, pieced ‘long and skinny’ tops i did using vicki’s gradient, key west from  vicki’s fabrics, and a gorgeous commercial batik.  i’ve had a fine run with them!  but ~ time to move on, and show {at least} one more hand-dyed gradient i played with that vicki sent me.  but it will wait til later in the week.

i was excited to put this bobbin play on the batik, to see how it would look.  i was not disappointed.

and around and around with a lime green center, using the razzle dazzle threads.  i love these flowers!  you may notice i chose a turquoise thread in the bottom.  little bits and peeks of it show on the threadplay… again, i love that combo, and it brings a little continuity to it all.

i’d say i’m dancing ‘the rhumba” with this beauty… but that wouldn’t be pretty, so we won’t go there!  lol

and i call it done with feather-work, a curvy outside edge finished with bias binding.  what a good time with this so-very-unbelievable gorgeous gradient fabric.  i’m sad to use it up.  {but i know where i can get more?!!!}  lol

i’m moving from tropical to more native/aztec-feel in the next round, and i can’t wait to show you some ideas i’ve put together using the sundance gradient!

cheers ~ here’s to some margarita days ahead!!
have a great one!

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  1. Amazing and I love those metallic threads, they really bring out the colors of these fabrics so beautifully. Smiling now. xox

  2. here I go again…SAME comment..OMG..THESE ARE SO INCREDIBLY gorgeous! lol I have seen similar fabrics in the store but your creations are amazing. I just have a regular machine..relativly new but I only do VERY simple mending I am rambling! thanks for sharing!

  3. Spectacular! You make it sound so easy when I know it is not. How striking the runner would be on a large table.

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