trouble shooting silks acrylic glaze paint ~

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hello there ~

i’ve been on a fact-finding tour of sorts, using the silks acrylic glaze paints on fabric.

they are shimmering, and beautiful, and very blendable, which is one of the facts i love about this product the most.

that being said, i have found them to be a challenge in keeping the bright, transparent color once an item has been washed.  so… i’ve been experimenting with other factors, in the hopes of enhancing their “color stability” through washing. 

as the package label on the back says, they are fully cured after 48 hours.  but just waiting 48 hours doesn’t quite work … at least, not on fabric.

 so… enter a fabric painting product, GAC-900.  it’s a fabric painting medium, an additive for acrylic paint, to make it more “fabric-friendly.” as the label says, “provides a soft hand, and greater launder ability.”  

the directions say to mix is on a 1:1 ratio.  now let me say also, that this product is geared specifically to golden acrylic paint brand… which is a very high pigment paint {and very beautiful color}.  however, i used it with the silks acrylics and it works just fine, but it does appear to take the color down on this paint, at least more more than i liked… so you either adapt, or add two coats when you are painting with silks.

and in case you’re not sure the type of paint i’m referring to, it’s the jars, seen below.  they are really…. really… beautiful!  and i am determined to figure out … {hopefully} how to keep them that bright, bold color without fading, after washing.

note: these paints are easy clean-up… soap n’ water.

and this is the color i get when i put them on, straight out of the jar when using they GAC-900 and after washing, meaning the towel was pre-washed, and heat-set, and then washing afterwards: 

gorgeous color, and the pattern of the towel showing through is appealing to me, personally. this is why i love them as a paint medium. 

but i do not love this result on the t-shirt.  and it didn’t seem to mater whether it was 50/50 cotton/poly, or 100% cotton fabric on the t-shirt.  

 BUT… it didn’t do this at all… on the black t-shirt i tested {prior to quilting}… {same fabric blend which is 50/50}

and even after heat setting with an iron, and in the dryer, too, this is the result of my experiment on the dishtowel.  not bad, but not as vibrant, either.  so even with GAC-900… it did fade after washing, as seen in the application onto the cotton dish towel below, although i did find i could add another layer of paint, even on top of the threadplay, as it won’t adhere to the polyester thread.  and i had a great time with the threadplay on this lovely heart {stencil by margaret applin from stencil girl products}, fyi:

and so this is the way the paint reacted with GAC-900 onto the canvas apron, seen below.  not bad.  it did run a tiny bit, tho.

so, to be frank with you, i just don’t have a great answer, or solution to this issue.  it has been a bit frustrating to me.  but in a nutshell, i will still continue to use them, and i will follow these steps, and continue my research!

1. pre-wash items to be painted.
2. add GAC-900 to paint
3. wait till paint dries, and put into a dryer on very hot setting.
4. wait 48 hours, and heat set with iron.
5. do a patch test with a spritz of water.

6. if it runs… don’t ever wash it again!  and if doesn’t, rejoice!
what can i say?  i think it’s a love-hate relationship!

anyone out there with other suggestions?  i’d love to hear em!


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