True Blue Velvet & Snowflakes

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Ahhhhh… yes, hello my lovely, true blue winter friend.  

Snowflakes… bobbin play… silver threads. Love this color combo.  What about you? 

And velvet.  Isn’t there a song about velvet?  Ah… yes, I think there is.  Isn’t it called “Blue Velvet?”

Sparkly goodness. 

Shine on! 

It’s fun to do embossing on silk velvet; it works the vest.  I’m thinking I’d like to do some more of it this weekend. 

I placed the velvet fabric, right side down against the stamp image, and placed a piece of rough cut piece of steam-a-seam fusible web a bit larger than the stamp, placing the fusible on top of it, which is really the back of the velvet fabric.  Spritz it lightly – lightly(!) with water, and then place your iron on top — don’t be tempted to wiggle the iron back and forth.  Just apply steady, downward pressure for about 10 seconds.  Presto-magico, you now have an embossed image.  Let it cool.  Peel off the fusible backing paper, and now cut around the edges of the stamped image.  Place the velvet embossed snowflake on your fabric.  Time to make it permanent… Steam-a-seam is sticky, without fusing, so it’s lovely re-positionable qualities work to stick it to the fabric for precise placement.  When you are satisfied with the arrangement… press, using a needle board (a pressing board for velvets or other fabrics with nap) and steam-press it lightly until it is permanently bonded. Then add your pretty silver threads for some lovely thread accent!

To get the bobbin stitching to show, I first stitched around the snowflake with a blue thread (so it wouldn’t show against the fabric), and then from the backside of the runner, and with my bobbin full of dark blue Razzle Dazzle, I free motion quilted the outside edges of the snowflake.  One thing to always remember… draw yourself a ‘road map’ from the front, so you can see where you’re going from the back!

And I’m so grateful this little sparkly one sold recently.  Thank you!

I’m hoping to do some more embossing this weekend, as well as some other mixed media experimentations… now that’s what I call a fun “NEW” Year’s weekend!

2012 here we come…  EnJOY!

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  1. Oh, NO, Leslie. Now I'll be taking Bloooo Vel vet. oh oh ohh! into the new year. pretty catchy tune and I am remembering it. LOL
    But the runner is just stunningly breath taking. Cooo ol!

  2. What a truly sumptuous piece! And how nice that you sold it. I'm looking forward to bringing in the New Year with some creativity too.
    Happy New Year!

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