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hello ~

as i was making notes, prepping to teach free motion recently, i came across {more} of some really terrific resources {and more few thoughts} to share with you about free motion.

the first resource, from one of the best professional artists out there in ‘quilt-land’  ~ is karen mctavish.  i added her book to my collection many years ago, and although it was published in 2005, it is still just so relevant today.  if you want to be a master quilter… this is one lady you can learn alot from.  ask your quilt store to order it for you… it is worth it ~ i promise!

this is mastering the art of mctavishing.

one of the tips i share when teaching, is simply this.  “do what you love.”  and the photo below, showing her quilted jacket, is exactly what i did.  i picked a favorite fabric, and favorite threads, and made myself a jacket.  this was such a great way for me, to get to know my machine, not to mention, practice my free motion skills.  and even better ~  i had something to show for my effort that was fun to make, helped me feel like i was accomplishing something worthwhile, but also practical, beautiful, and fun to wear!

my second favorite resource, are the “twice quilted” titles.  last i knew, there were only two, and i love how glorianne cubbage goes about teaching simply delightful, and easy-to-do design images, just by thinking “twice” with two passes of the quilted needle!  it’s really quite brilliant, and i love her teaching methods.  i had the privilege of learning under her tueledge, when i attended a bernina university event {2007}.  it was an amazing experience, and i loved every minute!!

and while we have all had our fill of snow and mittens this winter… they ARE quite charming aren’t they?  {as a quilted motif that is!}

and if you want to get good and be a really great free motion quilter, you have to learn to troubleshoot, and the first step in that skill building exercise is getting to know your tension ~ inside and out.  and outside and in!  {there great tips here in these books!}

glorianne’s designs come super-full-size, like 18″ x 24″ or so {i’m guessing}, so you can trace them on your quilt, just by placing them on your machine, if you want.

couldn’t agree more {photo below}.  the best thing to improve quilting?  choose the right needle.  and more importantly?change it often!

great, clear instructions!  the writing of this book is well done.

and a shot of her book #2, “more twice-quilted designs.”  {i found a you tube video here}

these are two “must-have” resources for me, that helped me in my journey and ongoing passion for beautiful free motion quilting!  although likely available at amazon, ask your local quilt store, and try to support our local “sweet spot quilt shops” whenever you can!  

and remember ~  there is truly nothing like practice, and experience to build your free motion skills {and knowledge}.


be blessed ~

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  1. Kick, kick! I have Karen's book and I have never played the cd! I just dug it out from my newly cleaned closet and when coffee break comes… I'm not familiar with Twice Quilted but the concept is very enlightening. Thanks for the inspiration, even if it is a reminder to look/shop my own stash! 🙂

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