Update on Darling Lil’ Austyn Mae ~

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Done with her 5th round of chemo and she is still smiling! Check out those dimples!

Austyn’s Dad wrote 2/28/12: “Austyn is up to 9lbs 7oz. Round five of chemo went well. 2 more weeks til she gets a ct/mri to see if they can take that tumor out. praying for the best.”

Austyn’s Mom Justine wrote on 3/1/12: “Thank you everyone for your support over these past 6 weeks! It is amazing how God uses his people:) I just wanted to remind people of Austyn’s benefit this Saturday. The committee has been working very hard to make it a big success and it should be a fun time:) you can find more information at the Austyn Mae Facebook group page. Thanks again, God bless!”


Ryan (Austyn’s Dad) wrote this past weekend 3/4/12: “As I sit here in the airport waiting to get back to my 2 beautiful girls , I know why it’s so hard to leave Montana, not because of it’s beautiful scenery but because of all the beautiful people. Thank you so much to everyone who made the benefit such a success last night. Can’t wait to come back for good with the whole family. God bless.”

Thank you for your financial support for this family.  Thank you for your prayers!!!  I know your love has touched this family deeply, but even more, The Lord rejoices in hearing your voices raised up to Him in sweet prayer.    

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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  1. Praise God for big miracles in little people and places! The LORD does hear our prayers, and honors our petitions. Thank you Father God! Our God reigns. Thank you for the update Leslie, good work!!
    Praying and keep on praying.

  2. My goodness. Ain't she sweet! And happy with her circumstances. Isn't that a lesson for us all. Bless her and all she touches!

  3. I have a friend undergoing chemo at the moment and I know how hard it is. So to see a sweet baby having to go through it breaks my heart. She looks like a fighter though, and I am sending my prayers and good wishes for her recovery.

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