Using My Gelli Print on Fabric ~

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Every time I look at this Gelli-printed piece of fabric, I like it even more!  

You may have seen my earlier post, from my very first experiment with the Gelli Printing plate.  If not, you can see it here.  I then decided to embellish one of the accent pieces of fabric I’m going to use with this print:

 This is batik fabric I had in my stash, overprinted with a foam checkerboard patterned stamp, using white acrylic paint, AND adding a bit of glittery stuff to the paint.

 I love my ribbon STASH!  And I enjoy using it when it really appeals, and this was one of those times.  STITCHING TIP:  Set your machine to a longer length for a top stitch!  It will look professional, show off the thread, and your stitches will lay upon the fabric nice and flat, basking in the sunlight of their sparkly goodness… just like they were out getting a tan!  LOL

This is the place where I stopped.  Thought about this overnight.  And knew the next evening I wanted to add more.

 And the lace I used as snowflakes in my Fabric Paper Blues piece, is again, a great accent for the Gelli print, with that creamy under layer of white in the print.  Love the lace!

 And it has a very elegant touch of satiny goodness of it’s own!

 So this is where the piece stands now… with the fused flower sitting pretty on my ironing surface… I still may add some fabric borders… still mulling it about.  I’ll audition some fabrics from my stack.  I am thinking I want to quilt words… but we’ll see.

However, I’m sure of one thing.  I love having a newly replaced, clean and fresh ironing board topper!   Just a fresh piece of muslin I stapled onto the surface, which is covered with a layer of batting.  

I have lots more projects finished, and in cleaning my studio, I’ve found new inspiration and motivation!  A nice surprise of some leftover silk scraps and turned them into functional coasters for us to enjoy, and crossing off a few UFO’s off the list.   

Using what I have.  Enjoying it now.  Not more stashing.  Sort ’em out, clean it up, cut em’ out ~ “Rawhide!”  (The sewing version, you know!)

LOVE that song! It’s one of my all-time faves.

Here’s to a little “Rawhide” in your studio!  Ride hard and long and get ‘er done my little buckaroos!!

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  1. Can hardly wait to see what happens when you start playing with thread. That large flower applique is just crying for some Razzle Dazzle! Love it ….

  2. A ribbon stash! How many saddle bags for those wee ponies that some of us less than trail savvy riders rent? This is just lush! I'm starting to run out of adjectives for your marvelous work. Your closeups are awesome.

  3. I love your artist's eye. Can I say that? It's a lovely piece. I have the Gelli plate too. I must make some time for experimenting. You know I have the decolorant and haven't even used it yet.

  4. Looking lovely as usual. That is a gorgeous ribbon you are using. Is the flower cut out piece attached with an iron on fusible? All flowing so well together, I shall be interested where you take this further.
    I sent you a little something in the mail several weeks ago so can only assume it was lost in the Christmas rush. Too bad, I didn't even remember to take a picture of it. My heart was in the right place!

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