vicki welsh’s prismastic spring gradient ~

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good monday morning friends ~

as i’m looking outside, i’m thinking, “we interrupt the regular scheduled broadcast for this breaking news story.”

that would be, let’s interrupt winter {in montana} for a breath of spring air!  now, lest i appear ungrateful, we’ve had nothing of the weather in the midwest, to the east coast {thank goodness}.  and we’ve had pretty balmy february weather for montana, overall; nearly 68 degrees {or close} on friday.  

today… we wake up to a little bit of snow… and the fireplace is welcome warmth.   and speaking of warmth, how about a little fabric eye candy to warm the fires of inspiration?

today, i’m tickled to showcase this vicki welsh hand dyed charmer, she calls it a “prismatic spring gradient” ~ just a bit of a variation of the real thing, only in fabric?!  yes ~ this works for me, definitely.  i made this late last fall, after our trip to glacier park, as the colors were so perfect… and this year, i think it may be a background for another collage… ? hmmm… i’ll have to consider that further!

“Glacier Autumn” is listed in my etsy shop here

and… if you’re in a shopping mood, i’m offering this gorgeous one-of-a-kind runner for 25% off! {coupon code SPRING20}

i think you should check it out in her her etsy shop, and see what waits you in some creative springtime dreaming?!


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