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Eleven years have passed since I made this little quilt!  I do remember how many hours – make that weeks – I played with these tiny two-inch squares on my design wall – to try… to make them flow and ebb the way I wanted…

 My choices in fabric where rather whimsical… and bright!  Much brighter than most other student’s in my recollection… confirmed by the remarks of the teachers in my book (see below!)

 It was so much fun to revisit these tiny little pieces of charming fabrics, that I enjoyed using… so very much!  Kind of like going back in a time machine…

And again, I did not have a CLUE as how to quilt it until after quilting Black Beauty...

I remember, too, the Watercolor Quilt was the second class I’d ever taken, out at a charming little country quilt shop where I worked at the time, “The Quilting Hen” near Carter Montana, where it lives on a working grain farm. It was a class taught by two ladies from Washington, who also wrote the book,  “Watercolor Quilts.”

 And… Pat and Donna Slusser were gracious teachers, and sweet, and incredibly encouraging women.  I LOVED the class.  And I admired their incredible talents.  They even signed my book… and it was a blessing to me to read again this week, what they had written to me… way back when!

Encouraged I was!  And SO — drum roll, please!  Donna and Pat… hope you’re proud that I’ve finished this piece… eleven years ago!  Almost to the day!!!  I hope I can find them, and send them these pics.

 It was a a bit of a monster to quilt … with all those seams!  I like the feather, and although I did two of them, it was rather wasted in the green/multi-printed fabrics.  But I love how it shows in the pastel white blocks.

 In order to give this little quilt a bit more impact, and as they sometimes say, “more importance” I decided to give it a ‘matted’ framed look, with TWO trims in the binding.  Above photo shows where I auditioned a flat ribbon-like yarn.  Good… but I went with one I liked even better; the variegated hand-dyed yarn seen below:

Honestly, some days I amaze myself with how ignorant I am about some of the tools I have and don’t (forget to) use… Preparing to quilt this little darling, I SUDDENLY remembered (I was hit in the head with a baseball bat as a 5th grade girl – true story – another time!) ANYWAY — look at my table extension!  I forgot about it completely.  And it works great — uhh … when you USE it that is.

 And I also added a second thread, Razzle Dazzle in green, stitched along the inside edge of the yarn. I love this look.  And it really does give this whole piece a more serious impact… which it deserves… after eleven long years folded away on a shelf!  

 It is now hanging in our living room, above the fireplace.

 and I really LIKE like like… how the feathers in white show up.  YAY!!

 It’s a tad bit small for the wall space and so it will eventually be hung somewhere else. For now…

I’m enJoying the fruits of a labor of love begun ELEVEN years ago!  There really is a time for everything, under the sun.  

And someone else was enjoying their day. Bye for now from me n’ Georgia!

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  1. It is stunning! And you know if yo had quilted it when you made it, the quilting would not be as spectacular as it is now. What a perfec t showcase for your beautiful machine quilting.
    I'm wondering how you stitched the Razzle Dazzle. In the bobbin? But then it is so perfectly placed.

  2. I must have about three books on watercolour quilts. Yours is very inspiring. Luv the colours and the shading. Don't the feathers stand out wonderfully. I'm moving away from traditional and this would be a great look in my own dining room. Shoot, I have 14 other must do projects. Please remind me of this fantstic idea in 12 months from now! LOL What a life Georgia has! lol Her to do list must be completed !!!

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