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I hope you all are not too tired of my vacation-lake pictures!  I’ve so enjoyed looking at them again, and I can’t wait to share them with you, here…

A stormy, windy day on Flathead Lake brings in  spectacular waves… and I was delighted to be able to photograph them under good natural light, and capture the beautiful, deep green of the water, even tho venturing out was a ‘bit breezy’ to say the least.  These were taken lying on my belly on the {wet} and wild adventure on the rocky shoreline just below the cabin.

Colorful rocks… water… waves.  I love the colors and I can get excited all over again just looking at these pics!

This one reminds me of jello!  These images are straight out of the camera, and on the automatic setting {as I haven’t figured out the manual way yet} ~ !

Here’s just a few facts to share about Flathead Lake:
~  named for the Salish (Flathead) Indians which is also a reservation located at the southern end of the lake.
~ max length: 27.3 miles and width of 15.5 miles; maximum depth of 370.7 feet (in Skidoo Bay), and the area covered by lake totals 191.5 square miles!
~ one of the 300 largest natural lakes in the world, and the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States.  Of those lakes, Flathead is one of the cleanest.
~ major tributaries into the lake are the Flathead and Swan rivers; however, water quality has declined in the last decade due to combined effects of increased pollution from human sources, erosion of the shoreline and other factors.
~  due to it’s massive size, and active winds, the lake does not freeze over most winters
~ Wildhorse Island in the middle of the lake, is 2100 acres; noted for it’s herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep and a few wild horses. {and seen in the far distance of this photograph-second ‘hill’ from the left}


While the windstorms and waves are certainly not rare, it was a rare opportunity for me to see the lake in these kinds of conditions, and to catch some cool pictures {at least in my opinion}.  Patchy rays of bright sunlight as well as cloudy and warm with access to a beautiful beach… just a few steps from a cozy cabin…  Perfect conditions for me! 

And a few more creatively edited shots, using a new app I am just learning about {and loving} to use on our iPad. {and it automatically transfers to our iphones too!}  It’s called “PS Express.”  (which stands for photoshop express I think).  Do you have a favorite app for editing photos?  And how about one that easily lets you add text?  I’d appreciate hearing any hints or tips you may have discovered…

 Dramatic… and then almost whimsical.  I deepened the color on the photo above, and then added texture with the swirls below and a sea green border… love it when I can have down time to play with the technology at our fingertips these days.

Awesome! Yes Lord You Are!  
Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Oh it is gorgeous!! I just want to scoop up a jar of the rocks. They are beautiful and the water is amazing! 🙂 I don't have any editing apps for my ipad… but I think I want some of that fun!!

  2. Lovely! But come up to Lake Winnipeg, Les. It is 9,465 sq. miles up here in central North America. Beautiful, too. and Awesome!

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