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I recently enjoyed a little excursion on the backroads of Montana, as I was returning home this past week from Billings MT (200 miles away).  I also  hoped there would be remants of the annual “What The Hay” contest sponsored by a little country community near Hobson MT. I wasn’t disappointed.  It used to be called “What The Hay” and now I believe they’ve renamed it, “The Montana Bale Trail” and it happens the first Sunday n September each year.   So… on with the show ~ via my iphone! {and some editing} ~ those pics with a border are mine, the others are from the website).
Just on the outskirts of the town of Hobson.

Yes!  It’s really is, a really, really….  ‘big deal’ for these folks.  And they go “craHAYzy!”  You will see that is all a play on words – make that one word – HAY!

I wish I had time to stop at ALL the wonderful, spectacular, and so very creative, displays of “Hay Art!”  Isn’t this mountain man CUTE?!

And the day… one word: spectacular!  This is beautiful country, in the rolling hills and valleys of the Little Belt Mountains.

I snagged a few photos from the website, as there werw way more than I could stop and capture… some of these are from years ago.  But oh my for “inspirHAYtion!” {lol}

Love these red high heels! This is definitely kickin’ it up a notch, wouldn’t you say?!!!

From a popular song by country music star Kelly Pickler.  So imaginative.  I love, love it!

Yes ~ I could {almost} Get Lost in Montana!

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  1. Wow!!! And so cool!!! Boston sculpts ice in the winter and sand in the summer it Montana uses their own natural resources!!! Awesome pics and thanks for sharing!

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