What’s My Line ~ texture and a bare sunflower

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Hi there everyone!

Well, here’s some photos I took over the past weekend of the sunflowers – make that sunflower pods.  Aren’t they just so cool?  So I thought I would share… not real exciting color-wise, are they?  But… there’s more…

Oh! Their beautiful curvy shapes!  The eye-catching texture.  The shadowy drama of design … and line!

I think this is my favorite {below}.  Love the muted, deep shades of  neutrals and beige … browns and black … and that deep textural, slightly mysterious spikey look of those edgey lines.

If I was to play with a photo for a screen… this would be the one I’d start with I think.  Although there are not enough hours in the day to play with art… I think I need to learn how to get this into photoshop and send it to Margaret Applin {scrapwisdomcollage.blogspot.com} and make it into… a cool, cool thermofax screen.  

What do ya think? 

All I can say is that’s it’s on my bucket list.

I also love the curvy edges on the tops of the empty pods… aren’t they just the coolest lines

And so much of what we do when we create is about {drumroll here!} …. “the line.”

and not the line drawn in the sand!  And not that line you might cross… but the ‘design line’ —  the depth of the line, the heaviness, or lightness… the straight line or the curvy line… gosh… it’s a regular ‘line dance!’ 

Whether you’re taking photos, quilting with thread, or sketching… there’s “alot on the line!”  

It’s not … always… about color! {or so I tell myself!}

It’s not.  


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  1. I am always drawn to dried up seed heads. I love the lines and textures in your photos! And there are surprisingly some nice colors in there. Do you see the soft purples on the edges in the last photo? Beautiful!

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