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Morning you Monday Glories!!  And hey, thanks so much for your sweet support! So let’s get right to it and announce the winner of the Good Tidings pattern  and all the poinsettias to go with it  {nice!} pre-fused and pre-cut for you!  The pattern is now available for purchase conveniently here in the Website’s shop as well as on Etsy!

Winner:  Sharon!  Just give me a jingle at my email here on the site, k?

And I hope to tempt all the rest of you with another great version of this versatile pattern, specifically designed to capture the beauty of Thanksgiving!  This background fabric is none other than another BEAUTY created at the talented hands of Ms. Vicki Welsh ~ it’s the perfect setting for the autumn story of this collaged quilt, don’t ya think?!  I know I loved creating with it.  I swear… I could {almost} live on dyed fabric.  {wink!!}

One of the tips that I would like to share with you all ~ it’s still all about scale.  A variety.  What makes this pattern so easy is that it uses a ‘large’ scale flower, which generally is about 6-8″ in my choosings…{and this changes from flower fabric to flower fabric}.  Choosing the focus flower, which is the white/turquoise edged flowers and the bright yellow sunflowers makes this one an easy color way to design.  Check out {study!}  your color wheel, and when you do, you will see that blue/orange/yellow are spectacular together!  Add in shades of each of those colors, like baby blue, turquoise, rust… and a variety of scale… and it’s a dynamic look!  The autumn leaves I cut out were so worth a bit more careful cutting, because they added a dark value, and they had a gold edge, but it was the SHAPE that adds so much to the overall visual interest of the collage!!  Variety of scale.  Variety of shape. Variety of color value!  Add in snaps of white and black {light and dark} and it’s magical.  At least in my eyes it is!!  It takes a bit of practice to look at fabrics and train your eye to separate flowers and see their value in collage.  So keep your eyes on that prize!  Buy a fat quarter and experiment!  What makes it so much more fun for me, is having a lot to choose from!

So don’t be intimidated ~ it’s a great adventure!  Let’s go for it!

I’m releasing another new pattern later this week, so be sure to come on back and check it out! {I think it’s quite darling}  It’s a smaller project, too!!!  Wahoo!

img_0094 img_0093 img_0092Blessings Abundant to you all,

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  1. Oh my! Is that me? I’m so tickled to have won one of your lovely kits! And I must say, that Vicki does make gorgeous hand dyes that you really bring to life with your artistic touch!

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