winners of the atkinson designs pattern & embellishment giveaway ~

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hi there ~

what’s a girl to do to choose from many beautiful stories? 

thank you for putting the effort to answer in your own creatively beautiful way, your lovely imaginations and pourings of your hearts.  i loved reading each one, and i am grateful for the blessings from each of you!!

well, pick one.  okay.  maybe two!  

and so i did.

the first winner of the pattern and embellishment package giveaway {seen above} is renee, from southern gal thoughts.  her answer was the one that touched me the very most…

“…a girl who forgot who she was 
until the Maker gently reminded her with a 
whisper in her ear and tug on her heart.”

{perhaps because that is exactly who i was… and how the Lord touched me a few years ago.  thank you so much renee}
and…  i’m including the pattern, the embellishments and sending them in this zippy pouch, straight to you, renee:

the second winner of the zippy trippy pouch seen below is miss gill who wrote:
                             “love – and nothing else mattered.”

{pretty} please contact me with your addresses as soon as possible.  i will draw new winners if i don’t hear within a week.

thank you, thank you!  you all are so very talented, amazingly creative, and gifted.    

… and so loved by the greatest  Author of Love. 
Our Lord God.

blessings upon your day

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  1. Thank you, Leslie. Sometimes I think we all could be that girl at one point or another in our lives. So easy to forget who we are and who we belong to.

    I will be watching the mail every day for all the prettiness you will be sending my way.

    Hugs from this girl to you.

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