With Love from the Carribean!

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Oh I wish! LOL. Someday, perhaps I will actually BE in the CarriBEean!  I know I would love to go and take photographs for sure! Sunbathing—not so much!  But I send my love anyway!  Here’s some quick pics of the first of the new series of prints I made this past weekend, just finished.   I  adore these colors:

 The only glitzy silver thread I will ever use!  Superior’s line of “Glitter!” Ummm good!

 And another tried and trusted favorite; a tri-lobal polyester from Superior, in the solid aqua color. I wanted to keep the flower the center of attention, so I chose a solid thread, but the thread is so pretty!

And not to be left out; a pretty cardstock for the back.   It’s for sale on my Etsy site and you can find it here.

I can’t wait to play with more, trying out different options and thread colors.  

Thanks for stopping by!  
I hope you’re working  
on something you adore – today!

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