Women of Faith

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Continue to reverence the Lord all the time, for surely you have a wonderful future ahead of you. —Proverbs 23:18 TLB

“As I look back over the seasons of my life, I feel as if I have spent so many years thinking about what it would be like when . . .”
A delightful ‘old time’ window in Virgina City, Montana — Summer 2010 Photo by Leslie McNeil

“What will life be like when I get married? 
What will it be like when I have children? 
What will life be like when I have an empty nest? 
What will it be like when I’m a grandmother? 
Now I know the answers to all those questions. 
What life will be like then has been revealed, but only in the past few years have I stopped thinking about the future and what it will be like. I finally have learned a great truth: when each season comes, it will be what it will be. There is an appointed time for every event yet to occur, and God will be with me in the future just as he has been alongside me all the way, every step, for every event and for every feeling, good or bad.”
Annette’s Garden on the Swan Ranch in the Highwood Mountains — Photo by Leslie McNeil

“We have today, my friend. 
That’s it. 
We have the joy of yesterday’s memories 
and the delight of future anticipation, 
but we have no tangible reality except today. 
This day is yours. 
This is your time to do, to be, 
to accomplish, to fulfill your reason for living.”
St John’s Evangelist Catholic Church in the Boulder Valley of Western Montana — Photo by Leslie McNeil Summer 2010

—By Jan Silvious for Women of Faith

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