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hi ya’ll ~

it’s been a crazy week for me.  and so thought i would show you one of the ways i like to unwind.  

it’s pretty simple.  i practice my writing.  as a young girl, i always enjoyed practicing my penmanship,  and that hasn’t changed ~ i still do.  i’ve always been drawn to writing ~ all sorts, types, fonts, and graphic illustrations.  

‘practicing’ writing is even therapeutic for me.  i love to experiment, and play in whimsical, formal, or messy styles. 
and it so easily transcends into all other manner of artistic mediums.  sketchbook.  christmas cards.  quilting.

i prefer to draw with a pencil on paper, first. it truly helps train  your “muscle memory” taking it from your fingers, to your brain. and this is how i practice for quilting with words, too. even though it’s not as seamless as pencil, it transcends beautiully to needle and thread. it’s an amazing thing.  

what i also find amazing is how well i can often focus {better} on other things, while i’m practice writing, drawing, and doodling. such as radio, music, audio books, etc. 

this piece is being quilted with magnifico threads, in blue, and in yellow, and then was highlighted with fw acrylic inks, and a tiny paint brush!

 the short story?  words matter.  

whether we write them, say them,  speak them.  thoughtful practice makes for good words! {verbal or quilted!}

enJoy your practice time, and {enjoy} watching your skills magnify! {georgia the border collie agrees!}

and if you’re not sure, think about how dogs sense, know and love… good words from us!  {and… we are the same way!}  i hope you give someone a good, genuinely kind and thoughtfully encouraging word, today!

God Bless

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  1. I loved the study where they were able to have a dog in an MRI machine and found that when the dog sees its person, parts of the brain illuminate in the same way the human brain does when it senses affection. All creatues great and small….

  2. This reminded me of the penmanship I learned in school, and the extra classes to improve mine. I need to do this. Probably a good way to stroke out a less than great week. words, The word! Absolutely. Nice to see Georgia again! 😉

  3. great post Leslie..words can do many things…
    I so love your writing and love when you post a journal page- thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. I love it Leslie, I want to learn to draw letters, and almost bought a doodle book. I need a book for ideas..any recommendations? I love your stitching! So pretty like you!

  5. Beautiful Leslie! I agree and haven't done calligraphy or doodle writing in a while. Thank you for the reminder! As always, your quilting is ahhh mazing!!!
    Peace, love and quilted hugs,
    Christina in Cleveland

  6. Words do matter! I'm finding that out with my grown children. It's so important to say what's in our hearts something that I didn't grow up with and doesn't come easy.
    Your writing is exquisite!

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