YO YO’S, Pom Poms and No Bon Bons!

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I hate to admit… how late I am “coming to the table” of making  these charming little yo yo darlings!  For some reason over the years… they just didn’t appeal to me… but two weeks ago, I WON a grab bag of scraps from Art Gallery Fabrics… and what a BEAUTIFUL hand they have; so very satiny-like and quite luxurious!  I don’t believe I’ve seen these fabrics in our local area, so now I know what to keep my eyes out for, or where to go to buy some more! Thank you Pat, it was a great give-a-way; I’m a lucky lady! These scraps are perfect for yo yo’s…I used the form you buy made by Clover
I also saw a charming Amy Butler’s “BLOOM” quilt – a FREE pattern (gotta love that!) and it was covered in lovely, incredibly charming, bright colored prints in YO-YOS of varying sizes… stacked everywhere… loved it!  It was made from her SOUL BLOSSOMS fabric collection, available I hope at my local quilt store…SOON!  If not, then I must go shopping at Hawthorne Threads!   
I love bright colors, and now I know exactly what I can do with those new 6 inch and 8 inch circle dies from Sizzix… BIG YO YO’s!  Wake me up when it’s time to go-go… ” – you know that song?  I have NO IDEA who wrote it, or even who sings it… but it is in my head… because I have now re-created it with:  “Wake me up – I love to YO YO!” and…. if I could think of a song to go with Pom Poms, I would!  

While I dearly love to play games on New Years Eve, the kids weren’t around, so we just enjoyed a lovely quiet evening in our warm little cozy home. Who knew yo-yos and football fit sew well together!  (Well… they are both kind of round and bouncy! 

 Love that ribbony yarn… this one I think I will make into a frosty-wintery boquet for my office!! 

 I decided to do a bit of re-decorating and embellishment in my dining room… so I  hung the three sizes, from large, medium and small.. I could enjoy them as a decoration!  Christmas tree ornaments for next year, perhaps?!!

A pile of them in a bowl…. pins… hats… oh gosh… what ideas to you have?  I’d love to hear!

LOVE the hand-dyed yarns… pom pom CHEER!

The “assortment!”

 As you may have noticed I dearly adore yarn, ribbons and the like… and now I’ve found a new way to incorporate them… and a host of other great and inspiring embellishments options!  And another thing to do on a long road trip… that is, if my hubby is driving!

EnJOY a new day… a new opportunity, and a new LOVE!  Amen!

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