“Yooo Hooo!” – Part 1 of NECESSARY NOTIONS!

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 “UHU” glue stick … “Oh… Yooo Hooo!”)  (This is kind of like calling the cows in the morning for milking time, Montana style!) Yes, I am a country girl!  That’s for another time!  Anyway, this little glue stick is a must in your sewing room!  Inexpensive, handy and indispensable; at least to me it is.  Great on paper and fabric; UHU is my “ace in the hole” when it comes to ensuring things stay put, stay stuck, and stay neat!  Sometimes I use it by just taking a straight pin, rolling the pin over the top of the stick, and then taking my pin with the bit of glue on it, and placing it underneath a particular bit of ribbon on which I want to get the placement EXACTLY right!  (Don’t leave the pin in there tho!) YIKES.  Of course, you can use it straight from the stick too!  Kind of like Dippity-Do (or alcohol!)… a little dab will do ya! 

It is available in varying sizes too, and available at almost any craft store (like at least the two we have in Great Falls – Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics)!

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