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hey all ~ i’m trying a new reader:  Follow my blog with Bloglovin” target=”_blank”>it’s bloglovin ~ that is ~ if i can figure it out!  {very big sigh}

i can tell you for certain ~ it was like a wonderful spring shower to see that my blog feed is ‘coming alive’ again and to see ‘familiar faces’ in the comments!  thank you – thank you.  I’ve missed you!  golly-gee-whiz… what a challenge to figure all of that out.  i am so grateful to get it figured out. {hopefully it lasts!} 

so here’s the cutie-patootie thermofax screen i purchased from terri stegmiller. i played just a tad on top of some of my gelli-printed papers.  {i’m lovin’ it so much}!

yes!  yes ~ you are ~  l o v e d !

notice this cute little design, too:

thank you terri!  {i love it!}

i screened the flower design on tissue paper {just real quick on a fast lunch break} and tore the edges and added a little bit of gel medium, and presto.  instant color.  instant fun!  and of course, doodles, washi tape, and yes… that’s my hand writing in black pen.  kinda had a good day in the writing department! 

it may or may not be done.  only time will tell!

don’t forget ~ you are loved!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. You all are killin' me, man! I've been fighting getting a gelli plate but the more I see wonderful creations like this I am inching closer to a purchase! Maybe an addition to my Christmas list? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vibrant and wonderful! Love the scripty font against the playful colors… it really looks beautiful together.

  3. This looks fantastic but pretty much every thing you put your hands to looks fantastic. love the washi tape but that screen print is really great! I had better go take a look at Teri's site.

  4. Yeah you are back…the comment jumped to my blogger…didn't know I could do that either! Cool, love the geli plate, and YOU too of course! Love all these pretty flowers and doodles! FUN STUFF!

  5. Re Bloglovin, can that be used to replace Google Reader? I'm close to panic over the demise of Google Reader and don't know how to change all the blogs I read over to a new reader. Please tell me it's easy! (Old gray matter here …… hee, hee, hee)

  6. I TOTALLY LOVE everything you make Leslie and the fact you use the screen from Terry S. blows me away since I ALSO LOVE her designs! WOW! LOVE THIS! I absolutely have to get some of her screens and stencils!

  7. I don't know what kind of magic you used, but your blog suddenly showed up in my Google dashboard again night before last, with all the posts since it had disappeared!

  8. So lovely to see you popping up in my blog roll again – thanks for all the efforts in getting us back in your loop! And lovely, lovely work as always!

  9. I love this! I got a Gelli plate a couple weeks ago and have gone crazy making prints but have yet to use any of them. This sparks some ideas, it's beautiful!

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