zippy strippy bag #3 ~

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good morning!

here’s the next zippy trippy pouch… using my newest purchase of batik bali “pops” …  those super easy-to-use  pre-cut 2.5″ wide {eye candy} strips.  very convenient, and being precut, they certainly enable this project to go a bit faster. even though they are coordinated color-wise, one can choose many different color versions from one package and create many different looks. no doubt ~ they make for cute bags!

the directions call for 14″ zipper, but i’ve found a 7″ works just fine, especially if you want to make a medium or small pouch size.   {the instructions in this pattern are awesome for cutting down the zipper!}

pretty flower fusibles are always a fun design choice:

and they make great design statements; so easy to apply ~ and stitch {if you desire!}

this is my stash of iron-on labels from sweet water’s etsy store!  just cut out the ones you want; peel off the paper and fuse. don’t they just make a happy~upbeat statement of their own?!  such a simple, and modern embellishment ~ perfect for this bag project:

 i tied into the black accents with a printed batik fabric for the zipper pull.  and as mentioned earlier, the fun crystals are fused on, too.  
hint: make sure to leave space for sewing up the sides of the bag.  it wouldn’t be nice to run your needle into the crystals, and break it. {see photo above}

black stitching on that labels helps to tie all the design elements into a united theme.  i like my stitching here in the sketchy version, just for kicks and giggles.  after all, the label does say “make life happy!”

and how happy is the sewing life?  very happy!  and that was the perfect place for a bit of leftover lace bit, too!!  {happy dance!}

i want to be sure to say this… the label is, in my opinion, “too low” on the bag placement-wise… i’m {learning} to be more cognizant of that placement, keeping in mind the box pleats that are made later.  of course, you must put the embellishments on first, but practice makes perfect! 

i used the black and white print for the zipper pull, and the ends enclosure, too. again, such keeping in mind the overall look and feel of the bag.  {i love it when it all comes together}!

yup!  make life happy.  because life… is good.
these two make a happy couple, no?
so i’m on happy trails making these cute, cute bags!  
{i apologize for saying “cute” so many times!}  
{and} i have more to show ~ tomorrow is the roundup!
have you made atkinson patterns?  if not, i hope you’ll give them a try someday soon!

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