zippy strippy bag ~ #1

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good morning!

today i’m showing the first bag i’ve sewed from the ‘zippy strippy’ bag pattern by atkinson designs:

as always, you learn alot with the first sew-up.  and in that process, after the first bag was finished, i realized that i would have liked more black accents, like in threadplay, the zipper, etc.

but it’s still cute, and the pattern directions are wonderfully done, as is sewing in the zipper, which is quite straight-forward and i found it real easy to do.

for the rick rack, i used my UHU stic for holding the ends in place while i stitched it:

and all the bag’s inside edges are finished with a zig zag stitch.  i made good use of my zipper foot, {bernina #4}, my patchwork foot, {bernina #37}, and the open toe foot, {bernina #20}, too.  all three came in real handy on this project.

i also learned a bit about placement for my embellishments, and i would have preferred it to be higher on the bag. this i found out {after} i’d made the box pleat on the bottom ~ and as i’ve made several more bags since this one, i’ll also be sharing how i deviated from the directions for pleating… 

so  now that first one is under my belt, my other bags look even better…and it’s a lot of fun to play with the zipper colors, and tie that whole look into the design!   this first bag size is the medium, but the small one is going to be very cute! and in the next couple posts i’ll be sharing my thoughts, hints and tips, and of course, {more} bags!

blessings on your tuesday,

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  1. Leslie, you are just so full of color and creativity you are wearing me out! HA. I just love your darling patterns, fabrics, stitching, and embellishments! I think you should sell your bags and patterns too! Just love these, are they on your Etsy.
    Glad to see you are enjoying your Leslie time!
    Sweet zipper tabs! Love and want them all! What sweet gifts these would make. You just rock and roll Leslie!

  2. You make it look effortless. Did you use the Bali pop strips? I think the black stitchong would be really dramatic, but I do love these colors. xox

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