zippy trippy bags ~ a roundup of designs

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good morning glories!
making bags this week has felt like a fun little retreat in my own home… play. play, play ~ with color, placement, and embellishments for this darling pattern. 
as i’ve been pulling out the beads, ribbons, fabric strips.  the tassles, scraps, yo-yo’s, labels, crystals, and lace!  threads, fusibles, leftover batting and more ~ it’s all seemingly everywhere!  and my oh my.  {my studio is a very messy, messy place!}  it’s definitely time to regroup and reorganize.
first up is this week’s early favorite, the largest sized bag, and made from the sweetwater line of fabrics, called “noteworthy.” and the bead… oh yeah. this is the perfect accent.  
i didn’t plan it, but when i found it in the dish, 
i knew… it was exactly the right touch.

hints: stitching on this label? {below} nice and straight. easily executed ~ looks so much nicer with a longer stitch length {3.0} and it helps to use the beautiful, perfectly made, magnifico threads!  100% polyester 40 wt thread, with masterpiece 50 wt 100% els {extra long staple} cotton in the bobbin.  their performance… is flawless!

yes ~ more crystals. but this time… just a tiny bit!  less is… more?!  yes. definitely. and a little dab of fray check to the edges of the cut lace so they don’t fray.

the direction for the large bag call for a two-inch box pleat. it makes the bag shape more of what i would call a wedge. and what i have found is that you can very much change this to suit your own taste, style and design.  another thing i’ve learned… i like the seams to match, whether on the sides, or in the box pleat. and so now i am more careful about those little details, and it has a professional finish.  {i didn’t match the box pleat as seen in the photo below}  i could have ripped it out… but since i glued down the pleat on the inside… too late!  hint: {check your work before you stitch, or glue!} 

and how about a little free motion design love?  
 {now that’s a happy all the time for me!}  
add to that a little fabric deliciousness with a hand dyed piece of fabric from the talented vicki welsh!  
this was a “charmer” piece, and it was a thank you gift vicki included with my last order.
thanks vicki!!
 sweet {and super happy} i tell ya!!

and i don’t recall where i got the little bead and silver cross embellishment for the zipper pull.  but it was in my bead stash. i often recycle them from bookmarks, purses… whatever, so it was cool to be able to put it to use here. 

and i’ll say this. as far as i know, see… or live life…  {hint}: be happy! and this happy is because of Jesus’ gift to me!  life eternal. right now. right here!  {even in sewing}!

and another large bag with another label.  oops.  i messed up the lace a bit on this one, and thought i was cutting it straight, which i did, but it was too close and came undone!  uh oh.  “sew it goes”  !!

and then i found a new fabric {in my stash} ~ oh… oh!!  it’s the new fabric “glow” from amy butler ~  and then, a new butterfly fabric from laura gunn… {oh my yes} turned into a lovely design element …

and carefully i cut out, and then fused on.  add black sketchy free motion stitching,and it’s just a little slice of pretty pink {heaven on earth!}

now there’s a box pleat {and seams} matched up.
i’m tickled pink with that!!  
after all, it is the pursuit of excellence in all things…

i do adore the black stitching on this piece:

those sweet fused flowers that have been lingering on bag  to bag… table to table … finally found their perfect home, on another beautiful piece of hand dyed fabric from vicki!  {love}.  
free motion with magnifico thread
{of course!}
she is blossoming {just in case you can’t tell from the writing!}

i saved the fabric edges i cut off when straightening the strips… and used them for the zipper pull.

simply~ it’s just this.
the more you do.
the better you get.
because the more you learn,
the more ideas you get.
and the better the skills. 
bags. life. sewing. free motion.
{yes} i have more!
have a fabulous weekend!
soli deo gloria

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  1. Ok, you just about covered the things I love; Mistyfuse Vicki Welsh Fabrics, fun fabric labels, embellishments and fun zippy bags….YOU JUST SOOOO ROCK! What an excellent week you have had. Thanks for the fun!

  2. You have a wonderful stash of bits and bobs to pull from! They're all overly!
    I've made several of the same pattern, but mine doesn't have the little added piece of fabric at each end of the zipper. I like that detail. Is this a pattern you picked up on line?

  3. So true Leslie! Practice makes better, if not always perfect 🙂 Thanks for sharing more about your lovely bags and the tips you gathered as you sewed. Love that little scrappy zipper pull!!!!

  4. Wow! You've been busy! I can't wait to get my room put back together so I can start digging into my fabric stash. Have a good weekend!

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